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Compare Electricity Rates in Victoria

Compare Electricity Rates In Victoria With Smart Uilities.

Smart Utilities provides electricity comparison to customers Victoria wide including Melbourne. Since there are over 14 different retailers in Victoria, the selection process of cheap electricity can be daunting and at times, confusing. Comparison websites help customers save time and money on electricity tariffs in Victoria by providing all the information on one website.

The Electricity Providers Market in Victoria

Victoria is the second largest electricity market in Australia. This market consists of 2.1 million residential customers and also 300,000 business customers.

The retail energy market in Melbourne and Victoria as a whole is fully deregulated. This means that each electricity company can set their own electricity prices in Victoria under the keen supervision of governing commission. Distribution companies may still be required to get approval for price changes when geographical monopolies are operated.

If you’re ready to compare electricity rates in Victoria, here is the list of electricity suppliers in Victoria as of November 2012:

  • AGL
  • Australian Power and Gas
  • Alinta Energy
  • Click Energy
  • Diamond Energy
  • Country Energy
  • Dodo Power and Gas
  • Energy Australia
  • Origin Energy
  • Momentum Energy
  • PowerDirect
  • Red Energy
  • Lumo Energy
  • Simply Energy

Compare Electricity Rates in Melbourne & Victoria

Every customer pays a fixed supply charge and usage charges for each kilowatt hour of electricity that’s used. The fixed supply charge is generally priced in cents per day and the usage charges are priced in cents per kWh. Electricity rates in Melbourne and Victoria will vary based on where you live, and each of the five distributors will have price structures based on the electricity rates.

Most prices will be affected by the size of the geographical operating area and the population density. The cost of operating and maintaining the network are also factored into electricity rates. The cheapest electricity in Melbourne will be in a smaller area with efficient equipment and low operating costs.

How to Save Money on Electricity Prices in Victoria

It’s not always easy to find the cheapest electricity or the best electricity rates in Melbourne, but we are here to help. Here are some tips to save on energy costs:

1. Compare Electricity Rates in Victoria
Smart Utilities will allow you to enter your postcode and compare electricity in Victoria with an array of electricity and gas retailers.

2. Energy Saving Measures
You might find the best deal for your energy consumption but unless you start practicing energy saving measures, there is still scope for more saving. Visit our energy saving section to read in detail about how you can save on electricity and gas consumption.

Contact Smart Utilities today to compare electricity rates in Victoria and save money on electricity and gas bill.